Sharing a meal, breaking down barriers, and building Christ-centered relationships


They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts. Acts 2:46b

Tables allows connections between likely and unlikely friends, connecting women in our church just as the first church did. Believers broke bread together and shared time, stories, their love of their Savior together. Such an easy and beautiful way to build and bond the body of Christ.


2 Hours 

6 Women

4 Questions


Nothing formal or fancy is necessary. Your open invitation and listening ear is all that is needed!


2 Sessions per year.  Each group will meet, once in a month, 3-4 times per session (4th dinner is optional to group decision). New groups will be assigned each session to give the opportunity to connect with more women. Questions will be provided to the host for each meal as well as any support that is needed.


Sign up below to be a host, co-host, or an attendee only.

Choose at least two meeting day options during the week that fit your schedule best. 

Groups will be formed by your choice of days.


Fall Session: TBD

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