Local Missions

Sponsor a child or help someone in need

Opportunities for this Christmas in Mansfield.

Sponsor a Child

Through the Common Ground Network, we are presented with the opportunity to share Christ's love by giving a child one set of new clothes and one toy for Christmas. If you sign up below to sponsor a child, in a couple of months you will receive information of a child, e.g. age and gender and clothing size. The average cost of one set of clothes and one toy is around $150. You are welcome to team up with other families to sponsor one child or sign up for multiple children!

Note: one set of clothes; underwear, socks, shoes, AND a jacket

Sign up below by October 21.

Help with Applications for Assistance

There is an opportunity to serve our community by helping those in need to fill out applications to receive assistance during the Christmas season through the Mansfield Common Ground Network. Each session begins with training, and there are plenty of experienced volunteers who can help if you have a question. You just need to have a spirit of hospitality and a smile and also follow directions. It will be at Bethlehem Baptist Church (1188 W. Broad St.). 

Sign up below if you would like to volunteer for any of the time slots: 

Friday, Oct 26

9am - 12 noon

11am - 3:00pm

Saturday, Oct 27

9am - 12 noon

11am - 3:00pm