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We are not meant to live life alone

Two types of groups, one purpose.

Groups are critical to the life of the church because they are a way of living out the purpose of the church. Individually and corporately, believers share a common foundation of faith to which God has called us to live. The implications of that faith in relational community are expressed in the context of a "small group".

Groups are a safe place to ask questions, to learn, and to consider each other over ourselves. No group is perfect, and no two groups are the same. We don't expect them to be. People are not perfect, groups won't be either.

But we cannot express how important we believe it is for everyone to be involved in a group. It is where life takes place and becomes a safe environment where you will be challenged, supported, and loved as you journey with others and growth in faith. Church is a completely different experience once you are a part of a group - find yours below!

Our Groups ministry consists of two types; Community Groups and Small Groups. They exist as a way for people to engage in biblical community that helps them become more like Jesus in every area of their lives.

Community groups

Community Groups meet on Sunday mornings and tend to be a little larger in size, and are a great place to connect with others - especially if you are new to MBC.

Small groups

Small Groups meet all through the week at different times and days that can range from meeting once a week to once a month, and tend to be a little more intimate, usually meeting in someone's home.

MBC also offers childcare reimbursement for anyone that is meeting during the week.

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