IF: Gathering

Sign up for the 2019 Women's Conference hosted at MBC

Feb 8 from 5pm - 10pm | Feb 9 from 8:15am - 5pm

IF: Gathering is a global simul-cast women’s conference. That means that about 2,000 women meet in person in Austin for the conference… but then the rest of us will 'attend' via Internet in our local places, called IF: Locals, or in our case, IF: Mansfield. We are going to meet right here at MBC and link arms with women all around the world to learn and worship our Savior, while at the same time strengthening our relationships with and encouraging our women on our home turf.

More than one million women in 50 different countries (and counting) will be ‘attending’ with us, along with women in prison and women in hospitals, and women in vulnerable situations that would never be able to attend a conference in person. The name IF comes from, “If God is real, then what?” We want you to come, we want you to invite your friends and your co-workers and your sister and your mom, and we want you to leave feeling more in love with God and more supported by the local church and more excited to go out and make disciples.

Cost: $15

Registration Deadline: Feb 6

The cost will cover dinner on Friday night and refreshments and supplies throughout the weekend. Additional donations is much appreciated; we will send all additional donation directly to the IF headquarter.