Pursuing Jesus together, and allowing him to move us past liking things to loving people.

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Community… we literally can’t do it alone.

November 9-11

We all have our preferences—the foods we like to eat, the music we like to listen to, and the things we like to do. Our preferences can even define who belongs in our groups—what unites us. But sometimes, our preferences actually end up getting in the way and breaking us apart. If anything, this is especially true when Christians get together. We’re supposed to be the ones leading the charge, but we’re often the ones who look the least unified to a watching world.


Jesus calls us to love one another with a unity that’s based on him, not on our preferences. Jesus set aside his comfort, status, and power to save us and make us part of his family. And he promises that when we make connecting with him our biggest priority, he’ll unify us in a way that will transform the world.


That’s what this DNow event is all about: pursuing Jesus together, and allowing him to move us past liking things to loving peopleCommunity…we literally can’t do it alone.


At this event you can expect to:

  • Look at biblical examples of community to understand the need for unity among Christ-followers, and to identify what causes the disunity we often experience.
  • Discover the source of the Gospel-centered unity that leads to lasting transformation.
  • Identify specific action steps to help them develop the character traits that reflect Jesus’ unity.
  • Be challenged about their role in God’s ministry of reconciliation—that as people who have been reconciled to Christ, we now have a unique calling to bring that reconciliation to the world.

*Registration ends October 24